Farewell, Proud Warrior: A Eulogy for The Cimmerian

On 11 June 2010, The Cimmerian ceased operations. The Cimmerian was a blog that focused on the works of Robert E. Howard, a writer most famous today for his creation of Conan, the Cimmerian. While the blog covered Howard’s Conan in depth, it also covered his other works as well as the works of other pulp writers and historical/ heroic fiction. I was barely aware of this great blog, this interesting fount of information, even a year before it shuttered.

For me, the greatest thing that The Cimmerian covered is the histories. Some of the bloggers would take a work of Howard’s (say his Hyborian Age or even a Viking story) and spin, using Howard as a basis, an entire possible history, a fantasy history, of the subject. I especially enjoyed the various attempts to provide a history, as if it were a real place, of Khitai and all of the other places that Conan would have journeyed to. And one cannot forget one of the final long series of essays that was published- “Uther was a Black Bearded Madman.”

The Cimmerian taught me a lot of things and inspired, inflamed many more. It taught me a way to look at fantasy that goes beyond my education as an English Literature major, it taught me to look beyond just the famous examples of a writer’s work, and it taught me to always make your case.

And my passion for the genre of Sword and Sorcery, for Heroic Fantasy, for the Weird was reignited after encountering the brave souls and their posts on The Cimmerian. For all of that, I shall be thankful and keep them ever bookmarked as I track down and find favorite and new articles to explore.

The Cimmerian is also a victim of its time. And died before it should have. It will be missed eternally.

With this in mind, I am dedicating myself to continuing, in some capacity, the work of The Cimmerian. My interests are wide and varied, but the next time I do an analysis, it will be with an eye to history instead of literary concerns.


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  1. Good post. Nice call. It will be interesting to see how you pursue your dedication.

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