WWE, the changes, if I ran it.

I’m going to start this off with a very brief summary of WWE’s Summerslam 2010. Very simply put, it was pretty much what I was expecting, but there where some pretty good surprises, the most notable being the return of Daniel Bryan. Not the Undertaker you say, well I was expecting his return, but I thought his return segment was very well executed, enough so that the storyline may not be so predictable. But Daniel Bryan’s return was in a word, shocking. I was shocked to see him back period, let alone as an opposing force against the Nexus. Also, the Nexus interfering in the Intercontinental title match was a nice touch, though I would have liked to have seen a decisive winner first. Ok, enough about Summerslam, now let’s get to what this post is mainly about, the changes I would make if I ran WWE. Now let me preface this with, in all honesty, none of my critiques will be seen by anyone in the WWE, and if it were seen, they wouldn’t be taken seriously. So basically this is just my opinions or thoughts that could possibly improve the overall product.

First, I would even out the rosters. By this I mean have equal numbers of performers for both shows, including the Divas. There are too many wrestlers on Raw, so many are falling by the wayside. Guys like Evan Bourne, The Usos, Ted Dibiase,  The Hart Dynasty, and to an extent, John Morrison and R-Truth. Smackdown also seems to have this problem, but not to the extent of Raw. Either thin the herd if you will, or move the lower card guys to Superstars and make that its own brand, ala the revised ECW. This would free up time for the midcard guys to get more exposure, while not taking time away from the main eventers. Do the same with the Divas division, balance out the rosters for them, perhaps add in a few more as valets or managers, about eleven per show. That way they still get T.V. time, without having to do six diva tags or battle royals.

Second, I would consolidate some of the titles. If you watched last night’s episode of Raw, they FINALLY made the unified tag team titles actually one title, the aptly named WWE tag team championships. I would do the same with the Divas titles, consolidate them to the WWE divas world title. That way you could have the champions appear on any shows, as they have done in the past.  And  finally on the subject of titles, I would reintroduce a cruiserweight/light heavyweight title for the smaller guys to fight over, because, if I’m being honest, guys like Evan Bourne and Justin Gabriel probably won’t get a shot at a heavyweight title in the WWE.

Third, This anonymous General Manager gimmick has to stop…that is really all I have to say about that.

Fourth, push more guys to the main event. I can’t speak for everybody, but the revolving door that are the main event championships is really stale. I was so excited a few years back when C.M Punk won the belt, mostly because he was a new main eventer, and this year with Kane cashing in the money in the bank to become the champ was one of my highlights. Different people as champions, in my opinion, can’t be bad for business, so I don’t see why they can’t elevate more guys to the main event.

And finally, I would create more stables or tag teams, but only if the pairings make sense (I’m looking at you Santino and Kozlov…). For example, pair Kaval and Evan Bourne together for a high flying, high octane tag team. Add Gail Kim as the manager/valet, and you got yourself contenders for the tag titles. Or you could include Daniel Bryan and the recently signed Tyler Black and you would have an indy scene stable.  Look at what stables and tag teams have done for the likes of Randy Orton. The Evolution stable put him on the map, various tag teams propelled him, and finally, he led his own group in Legacy. And I’m sure I don’t need to mention what the Nexus is doing for some of those guys.

All in all, I’m still pretty satisfied with the product that the WWE is putting out, and this is coming from a guy who has literally grown up watching wrestling. I saw Hogan and the Ultimate Warriors’ classic match on pay per view, I watched right on thru the attitude era and the Monday night wars. Does this WWE compare to the old days? Some would say no, and I would tend to agree, but the thing to remember about the so called “best years of WWE” were they had competition in the form of WCW, and to an extent, ECW. This version of WWE is without any viable competition, so it’s understandable to me why they have slowed down. And without even a glimmer of what could be called real competition, WWE will almost certainly stay king of the ring.


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