Ridiculously late Review: Avatar (part 1)

Welcome to a little collaboration we here at Nerd Redefined like to call “Ridiculously Late Reviews”. The premise is simple, both contributors write a review about the same topic, the twist being it will generally be something that has been out for a really long time. For this, the inaugural edition, we have chosen Avatar. I will begin, and SFtheory1 will weigh in a little later in the day.

If I had one word to describe Avatar, it would be incredible. The ego-genius that is James Cameron has once again delivered a fantastic journey to movie lovers, by once again I am obligated to mention Titanic, even though I thoroughly despise it. I bring up Titanic because it was the highest grossing film of all time, also directed by Cameron.  That title now belongs to Avatar, and I feel more deservedly so, because Avatar was a far superior story to the love story on a big ass boat premise he used in Titanic. Avatar had a love story yes, but the timeframe for Avatars’ love story was much longer and further developed than the uber clichéd love story that developed in Titanic. Also, Avatars’ obvious environmental plot was so well done, it overshadowed the love story elements. Couple this with the fantastic CGI work done, and mix in the intense battle sequences, this movie was practically perfect. I did say practically, because we all know nothing is absolutely perfect.

Avatar did have some negatives, as scarce as they may be, but they are there. My first compliant, which is the biggest, is the obligatory “human warrior hero”. I understand that Jake Sully was the primary character, but did he really have to “save” the Navi? I understand why they chose to do it that way, I just would have liked to have seen the Navi win the battle more on there own, with less involvement from the humans. Also, I don’t know if James Cameron used all his creative juices up, or he just got lazy, but to call the mineral being mined unobtanium, to me, just felt like an easy way out. I mean, you can create an entire planet, filled with blue natives with there own unique language, and you call the mineral unobtanium? And finally, even though this is not a negative toward the movie, James Cameron has apparently announced plans for a trilogy. I feel this is a very ill-conceived idea, simply because a sequel is supposed to be better than the first installment. Does he honestly believe he can do better? By this I mean, even if he makes the best sequel moviegoers have ever seen, it will still have to make more money to be considered better by some standards. I have no doubt James Cameron believes he can make a billion dollar sequel, but would moviegoers embrace a sequel the way they did with this movie?

All in all, Avatar is definitely a must see, must buy for the movie collection. On my top movies of all time Avatar definitely ranks in the top 10, combining suspense, tragedy, love and redemption into an amazing piece of cinema.


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