A Brief Review of Cowboy Bepop: The Movie

A few days ago, I watched Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (also known as Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door), and I decided to give it a brief review.

The movie takes places sometime between Edward’s joining the crew (after “Jammin’ with Edward) and Edward’s departure (in the epidsode “Hard Luck Woman”). The film is set on Mars a few days before Halloween. A former soldier named Vincent has obtained a nano bioweapon and plans to use it on the population during the Halloween festivities. As with many episodes of Cowboy Bebop, the crew of the Bebop are accidentally pulled into the case.

I enjoyed the movie immensely and would recommend it to everyone. I liked the voice actiong and feel that all of the major characters had enough screen time save Jet, who I feel is inexplainably left out as a major player.

Jet is solely present to scowl at the others and to cobble together a makeshift air corps to aid in foiling the Vincent’s schemes. Edward gets quite a bit of screen time (in the series itself, she is grossly underutilized) with many of the film’s humorous scenes given to her. Faye is also nicely spot lighted although she disappears for stretches. The true focus of the film is Spike. While the film has nothing to do with his past, he is given a possible love interest in Electra, some enjoyable expository scenes, and two excellent fight scenes with Vincent.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie takes place on Morroccan St. when Spike is trying to dig up information. The character of Rashid is a trip. I love the cigarette lighter grenade and the roundabout conversation. Great stuff.

I also love the concluding fight on the Eifel Tower-like “bridge to heaven.” The entire sequence is very well done. Particularly the fight and the butterflies.

I have some problems with the film however. The possible romance between Spike and Electra comes off as a bit unbelievable for those familiar with the series. I dislike Jet’s lack of presence. And then there is a whopper of a problem.

What is Vincent after? Why is he doing this? This is never explained in the film (although I don’t think that it needs explaining). Something about it seemed forced, in my opinion.

On the whole, a very good movie that largely kept me on the edge of my seat.


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