WWE Monday Night Raw’s 900th! could we get a do-over?

Today I would like to talk about and give my review of WWE’S 900th episode. To be able to sustain a fan base, and continue to move a product forward for that long is an unbelievably amazing accomplishment. No matter if you agree with the direction of the product, or believe it is staler than two month old potato chips, you have to respect the dedication and hard work it takes to pull off a monumental feat such as this. But in my opinion, I feel as though the show was built up too much for it to be anything less than amazing, which it sadly wasn’t.

The show opens with a small highlight package showing clips from episodes over the years, which I thought was an appropriate way to open the show. Bret Hart then comes out and cuts a promo putting Raw over, which again  is acceptable. Kane comes out and cuts a pretty stellar promo on the Undertaker, prompting the Undertaker to come out, and I’m still fine with this segment, until that damn e-mail sound comes up. The general manager announces a match between the Undertaker and Bret Hart, because that will most definitely be what we all wanted to see. (Sarcasm intended. ) Don’t get me wrong, I was a huge Bret Hart fan back in the day, hell I even cheered for him when he was a heel, telling people he really couldn’t be that bad of a bad guy. I was about six or seven at the time, but I truly believed he was always a good guy. But this is not the old Bret Hart, and I’m fine with that, so can they stop pushing into matches that could be given to the younger guys who can still go? Moving on, the first match of the night was Kofi Kingston and Michael McGillicutty  versus Kaval and Daniel Bryan versus The Miz and Alex Riley in a triple threat tag team match. This was a decent match, with what feels like the mandatory finish. I get it, the Miz is high on the radar, and Alex Riley is the favorite to win NXT season two, but it just seems like I see the same finishes to a Miz match every week. I enjoyed the continuation of the Miz/ Daniel Bryan feud, which will hopefully lead to some sort of match at night of champions. Also, just a side note, I understand heeling out Michael Cole, I  don’t understand why they don’t just heel him out all the way? The next match was Lay-Cool versus Melina and Eve. Typical divas match, which then led to a title unification match for night of champions. I mentioned this in an earlier post, so I’m glad to see they are doing it. I also mentioned this was a tag team match, but I don’t believe Eve was ever actually in the match, so they probably could have gone with a singles match and saved Eve the trouble of dressing out for the match. There are a couple of backstage segments, one with Jericho stating he will quit if he doesn’t win the title at night of champions, so I am assuming this is his way out of the company again. The next match was to determine the number one contenders for the tag titles. R-Truth and Morrison versus Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre, presumably because there aren’t any other tag teams available. (again, sarcasm intended). This match ends with a no-contest, due to a brawl breaking out between the teams. Next up is The Undertaker versus Bret Hart, but Wade Barrett comes out and attacks the Undertaker, Taker gets the upper hand, the lights go out, Kane is in the ring, a little back and forth, again with the lights, now Nexus comes out and attacks the Undertaker, but he fends them off, lights out again, and Barrett slams him with his finisher, leading to the 450 splash from Justin Gabriel. Overall, it was a well done segment, but I would really like to see the Nexus actually do more than these attacks, because that is all they have basically done since their arrival in the WWE. Next up was Jack Swagger versus Evan Bourne. Typical squash match, and to add insult to injury as they say, Alberto Del Rio basicsally interrupted this entire segment, then attacked Bourne after  the match was over. Mark Henry came down for the save, I’m assuming to setup some type of cross brand feud. Next up was a segment with CM Punk and the straight edge society, which I thought was the best segment of the night. CM Punk is definitely one of, if not the best heel wrestlers WWE has right now. Big Show then came out and after some back and forth, cleared the ring. The Final match of the night was a 5 on 5 elimination tag match between the Nexus and the team of John Cena, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Edge, and Sheamus. Jericho gets counted out and Edge gets disqualified to begin this match. Slater eventually eliminates Sheamus, then John Cena almost immediately eliminates Slater. Justin Gabriel then eliminates Cena, leading to a flurry of RKO’s from Randy Orton, eliminating Gabriel and Micheal Tarver. Wade Barrett standing tall in the ring. I was ok with the way the main event played out, and overall I would say it was a good show, any other day but today.

For the WWE to hype this show up the way they did, and then deliver another decent, some would consider lackluster, show was a real letdown. This should have been a celebration show, with only a few storyline progressions. I really just feel deflated after all the hype and promotion that led up to last nights show. I guess they can take what they learned from the 900th episode “celebration” and try to improve it for when they reach 1000.


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