Youtube and Another SFF Blog Closing (possible)

I will begin this rather personal and frivolous post by announcing that my next post in Reading Bas-Lag Project will be posted next Tuesday. I have almost finished Part Two and hope to write my thoughts on the city of New Crobuzon over the weekend. But this post will deal with my plan to cut down on my Youtube subscriptions. I don’t know how many subscriptions is normal, but I feel that I have too many that I don’t watch at all. This is, then, a waste of my time. So, since I have nothing else to do, I’ll do that.

I have sixty-two subscriptions. They run the length of my interests. From news to science fiction and anime. How do I choose which ones I don’t want anymore? By seeing what they have to offer (and the ones I actually don’t watch). So here goes.

The candidates for deletion: American Public Media, Annie Lennox, Cunytv, Gocommentary, Hikaruusa, University of Minnesota, and a few others. I could easily get rid of most of them save for Annie Lennox because I can use her channel to listen to some of her music. But I could just do a search of favorite them. So, I don’t know if I want to keep her or not.

Thinking about it, I could just be ruthless and delete a bunch that I don’t care for anymore. I could do that. Yes. Ruthless.

In other news, Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist may be going the way of The Cimmerian. I hope not. We are losing too many really good blogs.


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