My most hated athletes, and why i hate them.(part 2)

Let’s start backwards from ten. Number Ten is NBA commissioner David Stern. One simple reason, and this might sound like a conspiracy theory or what have you, but since he has taken over as commissioner, only seven teams have won the championship, and only sixteen different teams have even made the finals in that time. Meanwhile, in that same time frame, sixteen different NFL teams have won the Super Bowl, and even more have won the World series in baseball. The same amount of different teams to play in an NBA finals series have won the Super Bowl. This is simply unbelievable to me.

Number nine is Bill Beliecheck, and no I didn’t google how to spell it, so it’s probably wrong. Why Bill we’ll call him? He knowingly cheated by videotaping opposing teams walkthroughs. That is obviously a major infraction, and the penalty should have been harsh and swift. But wait.. All they had to do was pay a fine, and lose a first round draft pick, which they got back through a trade. So you’re telling me they knowingly violated league rules and basically the only form of punishment levied were fines? That seems completely fair.(sarcasm implied) I guess it all worked out in the end though, because if you recall, this was the season they went undefeated to the Super Bowl, and lost. Cheaters really never do prosper huh?

Number eight is Peyton Manning, simply because he is the best quarterback in the NFL, and he is in the division with the Houston Texans. I will retract my hatred as soon as he retires.

Number Seven is Ben Rothlisburger…I assume that’s close. This is one of those where the off the field stuff does come into play. If I were given the opportunity to play quarterback in the NFL, you better believe I would make the most of the opportunity, not try my hardest to throw it away. Mr. Rothlisburger to me has tried his best to never play football again, from the motorcycle accident to the numerous sexual assault allegations, I just feel like he couldn’t care less about the NFL or the Steelers, all he cares about is the fame he has received from being in the NFL.

Which brings me to number six…NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. This pick to me was pretty simple, and he would have made the top five, but there are more important people ahead of this guy. And I believe that is the problem with this guy, he came out guns a blazing, suspending people, fining people, changing rules, adding rules, blah blah, blah. But the one thing he forgot to do was stay consistent, and that’s where I have the problem. Adam “Pacman” Jones was suspended by the NFL for violating Roger Goodell’s newly implanted rules. He was suspended an entire season for being questioned and detained by the police. He was never charged with any crimes, he served zero days in jail, and to my knowledge all the charges against him were dropped. He was subsequently suspended the remainder of the following year after about six games with the Dallas Cowboys for an incident that led to no criminal charges. He then played a year in the CFL because no NFL team would sign him, until this season when the Cincinnati  Bengals picked him up. Sound familiar? It should. Ben Rothlisburger had a very similar situation occur with him this offseason, but was only suspended four games. This to me is a perfect model of inconsistency, and honestly don’t get me started on that whole Patriots videotaping scandal, which I hopefully made very clear where I stand on that. The point I’m trying to make is, be fair. Rothlisburger was, in my eyes, given a pass because who he is, and Pacman Jones was screwed to be an example.

Number five is the BCS. When did College Football become a beauty pageant? I do not agree with the methods in which the “Best teams in the Land” are selected,  I do not agree with the idiotic system they have in place to determine these “best teams” and I certainly do not agree that one team deserves to play more than another because of a “stronger schedule”. I will use this year as an example. Alabama is ranked number one, and I will say it’s well deserved. They won the BCS championship last year, so that makes sense. Ohio State is ranked number two, because the people who poll are hoping they don’t screw up and lose. Boise State is number three, while TCU is number four or five, depending on which poll you look at. To me, this is a cop out to appease the people who say Boise State and TCU belong, and also for the detractors who believe they don’t. Let me throw out a scenario for you, if Boise and TCU both go undefeated, and Alabama and Ohio State lose two, who plays for the BCS title? If you guessed Alabama and Ohio State, you’re probably right. These non-conference will never get the respect they deserve without a playoff system, and I whole heartedly believe whoever decides who plays for the championship is scared to death to put Boise or TCU in the national title game, because what would happen to their perfect little world if by some miracle they won? College football is in desperate need of a playoff system, that way the teams decide who are the best, instead of random computer polls and other people’s opinions.

Number four will receive its very own post next time I do a special post, so I’m not going to touch on this one too much. Referees and Umpires. Be on the look out for that one, its going to be a good one.

Number three is Tom Brady. “Why him? He’s the best quarterback EVER!! He’s so handsome and wonderful and perfect.” “He’s the Golden Boy of the NFL, when he points, flags get thrown.” you say. I say, he is nothing more than an average quarterback who got a lucky break..(Sorry Drew Bledsoe.) He took said lucky break and ran with it, propelling him to superstardom and fame and fortune. But he’s still an average quarterback who will get flustered and make mistakes, just look at last year’s playoffs. But every year it’s the return of the Patriots, the sports media says, because he won three Super Bowls, the last one being five years ago. He’s no Elway, he’s no Marino, and he’s certainly no Peyton Manning.

Number two is Alex Rodriguez. I couldn’t care less about his off the field crap, the one thing I do care about is the steroids. And after admitting to using steroids, what happened to A-rod? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He wasn’t chastised in the media, he wasn’t blackballed by major league baseball, he wasn’t fined or suspended or anything of the sort. So apparently all you have to do to be forgiven for cheating in baseball is to apologize? I call bullshit. Good for him he apologized, I don’t give a shit, he cheated, plain and simple. Asterisks don’t make up for a career of lies, and every home run and rbi and any other various awards or records he gained while cheating are tainted. I understand that most of baseball history is tainted now because of the steroid era, but no other player is getting the acknowledgement for tainted achievements as this guy. Just watch coverage of his six hundredth home run, the sports media acted like nothing ever happened, like we’re all supposed to forget about it. Why? Because he apologized? Not this guy.

And this brings me to number one. No surprise here, it’s Kobe Bryant. I will keep this short, because I don’t feel like he deserves much time. He won three championships with Shaq at the helm, he doesn’t win another one until the Lakers bring in Pau Gasol. He now has five, and he is eying a sixth or seventh, that way he would have more than Michael Jordan. I don’t care if he wins five more rings, He’ll never be better than Jordan, even though in his egotistical self centered mind, he probably thinks he already is. Don’t get me wrong, he is one of the greatest players to play the game, but he will never be the greatest. Period.

That wraps up this special Wednesday post. I will have my weekly NFL predictions post up this Friday. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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