The most hated athletes, and why i don’t hate them (part 1)

A recently released article about the most hated players in sports was brought to my attention. As I can’t find the actual list, I guess I have to go off the select names released. Although I don’t really agree with all the names released, I almost felt obligated to release my personal, opinionated, comprehensive list of professional athletes that I personally dislike the most. I will also touch on a couple of the athletes named on the most hated list, why they are on there, and why I don’t believe they should be. I will obviously start at the top of that list, which is Michael Vick.

Michael Vick was voted by whoever took the poll as the most hated athlete, this choice to me is honestly ridiculous. The man served his time in prison, therefore to me he is forgiven for the crimes he committed. “How can you even remotely begin to say such a ridiculous thing?” you ask. Simple. He was convicted of his crimes, he served most if not all of his prison term if I’m not mistaken, and to me that is really all society should ask of him, because we as a society ask for a lot less from “normal” criminals. I understand that he should be held to a higher standard or some crap like that, but I also think that is utter nonsense. Because he gets paid millions he should be held to higher standards than normal everyday people? Absolutely not, he should be held to the same standards you would want for yourself. So look at his situation, replace him with you, and then tell me he still deserves to be punished for the crimes he committed. it’s a little harder to do now when its you we’re talking about huh?

Another name on this list that I personally feel was sort of a ridiculous pick was Lebron James. Ok, if you live in Cleveland, I understand. Also, if you hated the way he handled “the Decision” I can also understand that, but to be honest, there isn’t much left to hate. Don’t get me wrong, the decision special was one of the biggest ego trip moves I have ever seen in the sports world, but on that same breath, we were all “witnesses” to “the decision”. Also, the decision show was just as much ESPN’s fault as it was Lebron’s. They could have just as easily said no, but that would have been a terrible business move on their part, so I guess you can’t fault them there. I mean I get it, you don’t like Lebron, well you used to when he played for Cleveland, but know he is a talent less egomaniacal grown up child who can’t win a championship on his own, you hate him with all your soul. One question, name me ONE basketball player who has ever won a CHAMPIONSHIP on his own? Give up? Here’s the answer: ZERO. Basketball is not golf or tennis, it is a TEAM sport, and people are mad Lebron went to Miami to form a better team, either that or they are simply mad because they didn’t think to do it themselves…I’m looking at you Charles Barkley.

Which brings me to my final ridiculous pick from the list, Tiger Woods. WHAT?? HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU SAY THAT!! You screamed. Because I’m talking about Tiger Woods the athlete, you hate Tiger Woods the person. Aren’t they the same thing? Absolutely not, especially in the sports world. Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game, but he is also one the sleaziest human beings alive. “Well you’re not making any sense, people don’t hate him for his golfing thingy, they hate him for cheating on his wife a billion times!” You said. That is EXACTLY the point I’m trying to make, the three athletes I listed are among the most hated, but what they are hated for has absolutely nothing to do with their athletic lives, but all to do with their personal lives. As a sports fan, the players I choose to hate has everything to do with on the field/court/racetrack etc. and little to nothing to do with off the field issues. Don’t get me wrong, off the field issues do come into play a little bit in my most hated, but not exactly the way you would think.


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