Announcement Palooza

This post is more of a double headed announcement. Part of the announcement concerns my co-writer. And the second involves my next series of posts.

As you might have noticed, DeRawk has been absent this past week. For now, he is taking a hiatus. I don’t know when he is going or planning to return writing. When he makes his decision, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, my own postings may be a bit erratic, but I am planning on sticking to a Tuesday and Thursday schedule.


I am myself taking a break from Bas-Lag for the moment and turning to Robert E. Howard’s Conan. When I read a Howard Conan yarn, I am often as interested with the history and the magic as I am in Conan’s actions. Indeed, I don’t think there has been a lot of work on Conan’s wizards. Tsotha-lanti, Pelias, Thoth Amon, etc. are all extremely interesting characters.

So, given my interest in those sorcerers, I want to spend a few posts exploring my own thoughts on Conan’s Wizards. Starting with Tsotha-lanti and Pelias from “The Scarlet Citadel.” Expect this on Thursday.


I am also thinking of turning some of my posts into a sort of writer’s diary (or something). As I think more on this, I’ll get back to you.



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