Hetalia: Axis Powers Seasons One and Two Review

For those who have read my review of volume one of Hetalia: Axis Powers, you will already know that I love this series. And I do, whether it is the manga or the adaptation. Whether in the Japanese original or the English dub. So be aware that I won’t have many negative things to say.

Hetalia: Axis Powers and its  successor series (really seasons three and four) Hetalia: World Series are composed of roughly five minute webisodes that cover at least one or two strips from the series. In this way, the entire first volume is not even concluded in the first season. Personally, I think this works quite well and heightens the almost schizophrenic nature of the series.

The major selling point is, I think, that there is no coherent storyline running through it (save for WWII). Story lines begin and end in less than five minutes, or can last for several episodes, or be skipped and come back to later. On one level, this can be confusing, but on another, it keeps things interesting.

The animation is good, but not spectacular. I like the character designs, but some of the backgrounds can be a bit simplistic. And the quality is variable. the best animated strip by far is “America Cleans his Storage Closet.”

The voice acting is good. Todd Haberkorn is a very good Italy, and most of the main caste are equally as good. Some of the accents are a little over done, but I think that works well here where the point is to over do the accent. The Nation Avatars are essentially national stereotypes incarnated as single individuals and so one would expect them to have stereotypical accents.

The narrators are also excellent in their roles as well.

I don’t think I disliked any episodes, so if you want a good time and learn a little history, check out Hetalia.


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