Random Musings

The following is a random string of musings, enjoy:

Yu Yu Hakusho: What Happened?

I had been planning for a while to get some of my thoughts on Yu Yu Hakusho posted. I had wanted to wait until I had finished reading the Black Chapter arc. A few days ago, I finished volume seventeen (which concluded the arc). I enjoyed that conclusion very much. But the final arc of the series (as I read volumes eighteen and nineteen too) left a bad taste in my mouth.

I understand that Black Chapter was intended to conclude the series, but the editors wanted to keep the series going for another two volumes (or longer). Unfortunately, the Makai Unification Tournament arc is rushed, ill characterized, and poorly executed. There is a fair amount of excellent art work to be viewed within the concluding volumes, but that does not make up for the fact that the story itself is poorly executed. The whole series ends with a dud whereas the series would have had a better conclusion with Black Chapter (which has even better epilogue chapters, if you ask me).

Anyway, really disappointed with how Yu Yu Hakusho ends.

One Piece

I read the top selling manga lists this morning over at Anime News Network. I am rather shocked and thrilled with some of the results. I am glad that Naruto and Fairy Tail are doing well. I am rather shocked that Bleach is declining (although I’ve heard this is a steady trend since Aizen’s defeat).

What I am shocked about is the immense popularity that One Piece has in Japan. Beating Naruto by twenty million volumes? What? I don’t get it.

A few weeks ago, I listened to a podcast extolling the virtues of One Piece and remained unconvinced. I had read a few chapters before (and watched the anime years ago) and really did not like it. I just don’t understand the appeal. To each, one’s own taste then.

China Mieville

Coming soon will be a review of China Mieville’s latest novel, Embassytown. And a few weeks later, look for my final Bas-Lag series as I look at Iron Council. Pity there aren’t more Bas-Lag novels. . .


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  1. I’m not familiar with the mangas you mentioned (I’m more of a Shojo girl), but Yay for Embassytown! I never thought The Scar would be anything but my favorite Mieville, but me thinks Embassytown has knocked The Scar down to 2nd place!

    • One would think I’d prefer Seinen, but I surprisingly prefer Shonen. Anyway, I’ve got Embassytown to get to.

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