A Post of Podcasts, Part 2

Like I mentioned in my first “A Post of Podcasts,” my tates are variable and subject to shifting interests and favorites. I’m always revising my lists of favorites as I discover new and interesting things. I don’t have a static, set list. For me, lists are a personal indicator of what I’m liking at any given moment and are subject to change as circumstances progress.

Therefore, I feel that I’m going to have two posts dealing with top x lists: the second podcast list and a top ten authors list. So on with the list.

5. Backstory with the American History Guys (www.backstoryradio.org) has increasingly been a favorite of mine lately. I discovered the radio show about the same time as Hardcore History, but I wasn’t as interested in it as I am now. Featuring experts from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, Backstory covers a wide range of historical topics with contemporary significance. Their special series on the Civil War is a must listen.

4. SfSignal Podcast (www.sfsignal.com) is still among my favorites. I try to listen in each week and always enjoy the discussion, even if I disagree with the round table.

3. ANNCast (www.animenewsnetwork.com) is still a favorite listen, but I’m not as passionate as I once was.

2. NotesfromCoodeStreet (www.jonathanstrahan.com) is still my number two. I make it a mission to listen in every week. Always interesting and entertaining.

1. Hardcore History (www.dancarlin.com) has become my favorite podcast. Though individual episodes are months in the waiting, they are always interesting, informative, and passionate. Carlin is truly passionate about whatever subject he has on tap. This is especially true of his amazing “Death Throes of the Republic” series looking at the transition of the Roman Republic to a hereditary military dictatorship.

Anyway, that’s it for this. I’ll have my top ten authors up later tonight. And I’m working on a Naruto post.


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