Eat it Dr. Fate

I beat Dr. Fate on my first go today playing DC Universe Online today. I not only beat him, but I demolished him. I’m feeling really good right now.

Now, I need to think about Grim Reapers and Techno “Immortals.”



Posted on November 4, 2011, in Video games and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. luck guy bro you are very lucky. i tried 5 time with martialarts and i got him to 10 percent then died because of his heavy attacks…
    soo angry feel like deleting the game!

    • To beat Dr. Fate: Avoid him when he goes into shielded floating attack mode. When Brother Blood begins to leach off his life, get behind Blood and share in the replenishment.
      I’m generally not very good with video games myself. It actually took me a good long while to beat Fate without getting knocked out a few times. Then I figured out about Blood’s usefulness.
      Yeah, DCUO can be super annoying at times, but I’ve found if you stick it out, when you finally beat those tough bosses, it is very satisfying.

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