Sometimes It’s the Obvious

So after taking a break from DCUO for a few days, I came back and finished out the Queen Bee side missions as well as the Bane mission. Then, I finally beat Donna Troy (and Starfire, too). Now, if only I can beat Cyborg. . .

Anyway, I managed to get Bane and Starfire to go down in a single battle. Plus, I don’t think I had trouble with Donna this round either. I just needed a better handle on my powers than I’ve had.

But, I did realize something- the levels aren’t glitched (although I do wish the demons would stay longer). Basically, the allies and enemies don’t respawn. That’s why Donna Troy may appear by herself after a while, no one else survived. And this playing session, I didn’t have any hangups with powers or collecting stuff. There was a large queue, and I watched Sanford fall to Oregon during the lag time. So it worked out in the end.

Now, I’ve got to go find some histories on Singapore, Venice, and New Orleans.


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