How Have I Done on the Russ Pledge?

Earlier this year, I took the Russ Pledge. So, how did I do?

I think I’ve done a better job reading more women writers this year as compared to last year. Though I don’t have hard numbers, so I’m going on gut feelings. I do have hard numbers for this year, but not for last year. Given that I’m planning to catalog my readings next year as well, I should have harder data next year.

That said, I can give rough estimates on what I’ve read this year and how women place by genre. The genre where women predominate has been blogs. Most of the blog posts I’ve read this year has been by women. I’ve also increased my reading of manga written by women. I’ve also read more short stories by women. The one area where I feel that I may need more improvement is in novels. Of the novels I’ve read, only a few have been written by women. This will be an area that I’m going to look at in the coming year.  That and read the complete Fullmetal Alchemist.

On to next year.


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