Quick Review: DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics by Dennis O’Neil

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of writing texts. I don’t remember who, maybe Peter David, said that it is important for a writer to continually learn new things about the craft of writing. So, without further ado, lets get to the book review.

The book is geared, obviously, for writers seeking to write largely for superhero comics. However, the book can be adapted for non superhero comics or even non comics in general.

The text is interesting and easy to follow. The style of writing is easy to understand and is quite engaging. It is almost like Mr. O’Neil is just talking or teaching a class. Which is a strong plus, if you ask me.

One thing that separates out this book is that there is a focus on older styles of comic book writing (namely one issue stories) that can build one to writing longer and more involved works.

Another strength is the second section in which various formats of story telling is explored. From miniseries to graphic novels and ongoing series, all of them are explored.

There are some problems, though. One can’t help but wish that there were some exercises included in the text to help novice writers more fully hone their crafts. That and there is little advice given on how to break into the industry.

If I were pressed to pick a single writing guide for comic books, I think I would go with Peter David’s Writing for Comics. But I would still recommend DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics for anyone looking to learn how to write for comic books.


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