A Potpourri Day

This post will be a bit random, nonsensical, and laundry list styled.

Lately I’ve gotten into the American version of Shameless. So next week is going to be fun when The Walking Dead returns.

I may or may not write a post on David Brin’s tying of the definitions of fantasy and science fiction to concepts of change,  which I have the feeling is problematic.

I’m still thinking and struggling over forms of writing. I believe that it is important, in this day and age, for writers to attempt to be versatile in the media they write in. Being a writer of comic books, video games, etc. is increasingly as important as being a writer just of prose fiction.

But, my greatest weakness is my inconsistency. I’m always revising and questioning. In moderation, my constant self questioning is a good thing, but too much is rather crippling.

I’m also thinking about renovating the blog some. I need to add new categories like comic books and random things to the mix. Possibly one for criticism and my own writing.

I’m also thinking about adding pictures for visual examples. But I don’t know. Do you prefer the blog to remain text only or move to include visual elements as well?

As for the Superbowl, I did not watch it. Instead, I watched the 1950 version of King Solomon’s Mines and watched Shameless.

Anyway, I think that is it for today. I’m still battling the crud, though it is ebbing to an extent.


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