The Scarecrow, Really?

I’m currently a premium member of DC Universe Online after purchasing “Fight for the Light” expansion pack. So, with six character spaces, I decided to create a character for each mentor. Everyday, I would work on a different character, starting with Joker and proceeding on til Wonder Woman. The plan hit a snag when I ran up against the Scarecrow on the second day. It is just unbelievable how difficult he is.  And that got me thinking why.

Now, save for Scarecrow, I’ve beaten each mentor driven first level. I would rank the level of difficulty as (from easiest to hardest): Dr. Fate, Felix Faust, Huntress, Grodd, Power Girl, and Scarecrow. So again, why is Scarecrow so surprisingly difficult?

That got me wondering if there was a concern that most players would gravitate towards Batman as a preferred mentor compared to the other five. It is telling, though, that Wonder Woman and Circe both have the easiest first level. Could it be possible that there is a push towards directing some players to the other mentors?

That said, I also have to wonder why the Wonder Woman and Circe first stages (and Superman and Luthor first stages to a lesser degree) are so similar while Joker and Batman are markedly less similar.

Another way of looking at the issue, though, is the choice of power. Some powers are far more useful than others. I mean nature powers are good for a non soda cola health boost, but weak on offense, while I happily smashed Faust with a meteorite for most of that battle. Perhaps a better means of dealing with Scarecrow is either smashing him with a meteor or using a summoned sidekick (like with gadgets and sorcery)?

But, that said, it still does not explain why the Scarecrow is the toughest of the six first bosses to beat. Surely, that should go to Power Girl (even if she is swarmed by the Parasite and his clones)?

In the end, I may wait a few days and come back to beat Scarecrow, or I could scrape that character and create a different one who may have an easier time of things. Well, that would make two, as I don’t care for my Luthor mentored created character either.


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