Breaking the No Politics Rule

It’s been an informal rule here at the blog that I’ve imposed on myself: no discussion of politics. Personally, I really don’t want to deal with some of the crap that erupts in the comments of those posts. But some events just force my hand into rant mode.

This particular rant was inspired by a segment on last nights Rachel Maddow Show dealing with Virginia’s proposed law that would require invasive ultrasounds before women can get an abortion. I thought the discussion and analysis was spot on, but there was one thing that really troubled me. They did not call the law out for what it is: state sponsored rape.

The type of ultrasound used for the law involves sticking the device into a woman’s genitals. Last time I checked, such an action, without a woman’s consent, is rape. So, is Virginia really going through with a bill that would lead to state sponsored rape? What the hell?

What I don’t get is why Maddow and her guest, or anyone for that matter, not call it out for what it is. Yes, they dance around it, but they never call the spade a spade. If you think about the law in this way, not only is it atrociously unethical but down right state sponsored criminality. I ask myself, how would the debate pan out if the terms used were more stark?

Now, I know my politics are rather strange by American standards. I get that, I get that some things I believe in will never, ever be implemented. Because we have what is supposed to be a system that values compromise and respect, not the dictatorship of special interests or the winner take all zero sum game that our political life has become. Is this law and the various personhood laws truly the will of the majority? Is that why Republicans were swept into office in 2010? I don’t think so. They were elected as a rebuke to Obama and abetted by the apathy of the other side during that election cycle.

In the end, I don’t think Virginia’s law will pass muster with the courts. Hell, it may even be reversed come the next legislature if Virginia voters are angry enough to punish the Republicans.

So, here ends this rant.




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  1. I thought the GOP was all about keeping govt from getting between the doctor and patient. At least that’s what they claimed during the great healthcare debate of 2008. There is plenty of evidence to show that the GOP agenda is miles away from their campaign speeches.

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