Don’t Steal from the Library

This really angers me. People stealing from the library. It takes away the possibility of other patrons from checking out the items stolen. What is really annoying is that so often, the stolen items are for kids.

I have a niece. My brother wants to check out children’s movies from the library. Now, there should be a lot of copies of Disney movies. But, that is not the case. Of films that should have as many as six to eight copies, so often all but two will have “item missing” as the check in status. This means, obviously, that the copy has walked out, never to return.

It is not just children’s film and books that are being stolen. I’ve ended up having to ILL Smith’s Return of the Sorcerer and Howard’s Solomon Kane anthology because someone stole them. And don’t get me started on all of the manga that has likely been stolen over the years.

Just don’t steal from the library.  You can always check it out again, later.


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