Pat Yourself on the Back

Well, the Oscars was a waste of three hours that I’ll never get back. Okay, I actually did do other things while the awards acted as background noise. Which is rather where the Academy Awards are, nowadays.

Besides a few marquee awards, I don’t really know who won what. And I really don’t care. Let’s be honest, it is highly doubtful that many people will remember any of the movies mentioned tonight in ten or fifty years.

I’m not much of a movie fan. The last movie I actually went to a theater to see  was Rent (and that was because it was free). Before that, the last movie was Independence Day. In the comfort of my own home, I do watch what I think is a decent amount of film. But, I’m not as passionate about film as I am about books or other things.

In a way, the Oscars is like the Superbowl. If everyone is watching, do you watch it, too? The Oscars is more than an awards show. It is an event, the endpoint of a longish season where various bodies hand out awards for perceived achievements in film. Which is bigger, the Oscars or the Super Bowl?

Perhaps my ambivalence towards the film industry colors my opinions about adaptations. Which leads me into tomorrow’s discussion of a possible live action Bleach movie produced by Americans…


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