Suvudu’s Cage Match Rant

Who would win in a war between the United Federation of Planets and the Galactic Empire? How about Naruto versus Natsu? What about Suvudu’s homage to March Madness?

I’ve grown to detest these little thought games in recent years. Don’t get me wrong, Suvudu’s Cage Match was great fun in its first year, but it has gotten progressively less interesting with each year. And come on, could Jamie Lannister really beat Cthullu (or even Hermione Granger for that matter)?

Part of my problem is, to be honest, the fact that (as the Cage Match shows) the more popular character wins. Jaime Lannister did not go as far as he did because he could realistically beat any of the characters he faced. He won because he has more fans who voted for him than his opponents.

The root of the problem is, of course, the continual debate over which franchise is better: Star Wars or Star Trek? Often times, the debate degenerates into a question of technological superiority. Who would win a war between whatever factions (like the Federation against the Empire). At the end of the day, this all comes down to sputtering attempts to argue whose favorite Star Blank is better. How exactly perceived technological superiority is supposed to prove anything is beyond me, however.

Even scientists have gotten in on the act. Kaku, in drawing examples from popular culture for his Kardeshev illustration, uses the Federation for Type II and the Empire for Type III (and the Borg, too) civilizations. But is Kaku using the actual source of power or the size of the space polity?

At the end of the day, no matter my own personal level of annoyance, there has to be something valuable for those fans who enjoy participating in these thought games, these crossover wars. Perhaps it is a sense of victory when you, as a fan, can prove why the Empire will crush the Federation, why Ichigo could beat Yuuske, and why whichever character from A Song of Ice and Fire will make a deep run in Suvudu’s tournament this year (like every year).


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