Coming Attractions to the Blog

First, some house keeping. For those of you who are awaiting my second look at Perdido Street Station (and the rest of Bas-Lag), I’ll get to it in the coming months. I haven’t found the time to reread it recently. If you are looking for a response to recent comments, I’ll address them when I finally get around to a future post.

Right now, I’m in the midst of reading Urasawa’s Pluto. This series is excellent and I will post my thoughts about the entire series after I complete it in a few week’s time.

I’ve also just completed reading volumes 17 and 18 of Fairy Tail. I loved both volumes immensely (I know, I’m a fanboy). In lieu of doing further review posts because they will all read, “This is awesome, you should read it now,” I’m going to write a post (or series of posts) that encapsulate my love for the series (and maybe some analysis as well).

This style of post is also likely going to be used on Naruto and a few others in the future.

In other matters, I want to explore OELs in a little more depth than I’ve done. So, if any readers have any recommendations, please let me know in the comments.

Finally, I aim to do another post on writing.

Until then, later.




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