Blue Exorcist: A Second Look Review

I love Blue Exorcist by Kazue Kato. The art work is gorgeous. The first splash page of True Cross Academy is amazing. The characters are engaging and excellently executed. And the story line is good. But I did not start out loving the series.

Indeed, I disliked it strongly on my first reading attempt. While the art is gorgeous, I was not, initially, a fan of the story. Rin’s situation rather annoyed me at first. I get Father Fujimoto wanting to give Rin a normal life, but I had an issue  with Rin’s sudden desire to defeat Satan, his true father. I found this determination too sudden and lacking context,although Satan is a douche (I also had this issue with Naruto’s first chapter). Another issue I have is the differences between the brothers Rin and Yukio. Making the two characters as different as possible is interesting, but I do not know if I really like the fact that Rin has all the power. What does that make Yukio, then?

I put the first three volumes aside for a few days. Then I did a reread. My opinion on the series changed. I still have those issues and a few others. But, as I continue to read the series, I find more and more things to like.

Rin’s character is infectious. The humor engendered by the exaggerated opposition of Rin and Yukio is a huge selling point. There is a great mix of seriousness and near madcap action.

The point is that Blue Exorcist is a really enjoyable manga series. And it also shows that sometimes my own first impressions need to be revised. That is why giving Blue Exorcist a second look  was a good decision.


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