Another Post of Random Thoughts

Thought 1: The television adaptation of The Walking Dead is better than the comic book.

Thought 2: What does the title “Sins of the Star Sapphire” mean? I cannot find anything resembling a sin (either present or past) that the Star Sapphires committed. So, did the alliterative title sound cool? Is that why it is used?

Thought 3: I’m getting tired of the whole Bakker fracas. But I’m also fascinated by it. I get that Bakker feels that he is being grossly and unfairly criticized. But, does his intentions really matter. Is he, as the author, a determining factor in how his work is interpreted by others?

Thought 4: Hell no. Remember- the author is dead. A work of literature does not have a single reading, a single  meaning. There are countless readings and interpretations. Now, Bakker’s intentions, influences, etc. can play an informative role, but Bakker himself does not own the “right” interpretation.

Thought 5: Maybe getting rid of my Lit Crit books is a bad idea. Damn it, I really need to do some research papers here.

Thought 6: I read “7 Reasons Why OEL Manga Falters in the US” by Deb Aoki for (July 13, 2009). On the whole, the panel synopsis is very interesting and illuminating. To a degree, I think the problem is how Japanese comics are marketed in America. Is there a fetishization of Japanese comics that prevents non Japanese series from succeeding? Also, the argument that publishers mishandled (and abused) young artists is on the mark. The Japanese comics industry is built around apprenticeships (what the assistants are). Editors actively work to foster talent. Now, traditional American comics utilizes art schools in a similar fashion, but there is a demand for immediate return on investment. How many series need to build up before they become successful? Are comics companies (particularly those focused on “OEL”s) really patient enough for those series to be successful?

And as an aside, I find that the argument that young manga style artists are little more than fan artists more than a little insulting. If they are that bad, why even accept them for publication? The issue is marketing.

Thought 7: And damn, maybe I need to do a research paper on this subject, too.

That’s it for today.


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  1. The thing with the Bakker fracas is that, if he had just ignored the post in question and went on with his life, very few people would have read the offending post in the first place. Heck, even his first response simmered down in a relatively short period of time. It wasn’t until he brought it up again that it really exploded. And again. And again. And now it’s like watching a Mexican telenovela, so full of drama and obfuscation that’s ultimately kind of pointless but you just can’t turn away.

    “Look, it’s the mustache-twirling villain Senor Vox Day, who has returned from long absence to wreak most horrible vengeance, but ultimately makes himself look the fool!”

    “Behold, E.M. Edwards has stepped into the scene, to bore everyone with his ludicrously formal style more fitting for the 18th century than the internet age!”

    “Hark, Acrackedmoon has written another nasty letter, and Senor Bakker is most incensed!”

    “Who will appear next in this broiling cauldron of emotions and fragile egos…tune in next week to Tres libras del cerebro to find out!”

    • Michal,
      That is awesome! Who knew arguments over literary criticism,interpretation, and internet debate could be a soap opera?
      Of course, there is the issue of misogyny in epic fantasy that needs to be interrogated and confronted. But, we’ll never get anywhere if all everyone is doing is shouting at each other or talking past each other.

  2. I have been debating whether or not to start watching The Walking Dead from the beginning. This might have made my decision for me.

    • The Walking Dead is very good, in my opinion. The main fault with the series is that it does tend to drag. This is especially true of the second season.

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