Cardcaptor Sakura Omnibus Book 3 Review

It has been a few months since I last read CLAMP’s Cardcaptor Sakura. I’m honestly still surprised by how much I liked the first two omnibuses. Now, I’ve finally read the third omnibus. To be honest, I am not as enthusiastic about the volumes in this book as I was about the first half of the series. Why?

Well, I think the problem with the second half of the series is that there is very little suspense. It is pretty apparent right from the get go that Eriol is the main antagonist of this half of the series. There is no attempt to hide what he is up to, although Sakura and her friends are unaware of what is going on. Though, perhaps, it should be apparent. I mean, who helped Sakura with Yuki’s teddy bear? And Ruby Moon is not very subtle in stating her intentions, is she?

Another issue I have with this half of the series, so far, is the fact that it mirrors the first half of the series. Yes, the first half of the series is about Sakura collecting the Clow Cards and proving her worthiness to be their master. And yes, the second half is about Sakura transforming the cards into her cards with Eriol forcing her into that necessary change.

My problem lies in the fact that both arcs are so heavily tied in with Clow Reed. Are there now wizards of note beyond those connected to Clow Reed in this world? Could Sakura not face someone with no connection to Clow Reed?

That said, the characterizations are still delightful. And, of course, the real dramatic quality of the series lies in the various comedic romantic entanglements that the characters find themselves in. Though the development of these plots are a little slow, it is nice seeing the recognition from Toya and Sayoran in regards to their romantic interests. The final image is especially powerful, I think.

I’m disappointed with this half of the series so far, but since there are only three volumes left, I will likely check them out of the library when I can. I hope the final volume sees a return to form. But I will have to save my final analysis of the series until then.


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