Dropping Naruto

I’ve fallen out with Naruto. I’ve had it. Now, this series has been teetering on the precipice for some time now with me. But finally, the series as made a leap off that cliff and is currently plunging deep into the abyss. So, why am I dropping Naruto?

Because the Fourth Shinobi World War arc sucks. Has any named character from the Allied Shinobi Forces been killed yet? No. Now, the status of Yamato, Anko, and Samui are up in the air, but that is it. If this is a war, then there should be more death and losses on the hero’s side. The heroes should be loosing until the turning point. Not winning every damn battle.

My frustration with the series was crystalized when I read The Sinestro Corps War and Justice League: Cry for Justice. Compared to those two comics, Naruto falls far short. Hell in TSCWit is made fairly apparent that Sinestro actually won. The whole purpose of the war is to force the Guardians into taking the actions they did. And the good guys have losses, maybe not major characters, but the body count is considerably higher than in Naruto so far.

Mind you, I’ve torn into Naruto several times over the course of this blog. The Invasion of Pain royally pissed me off because of the mishandling of Naruto’s reactions and the whole thing with Hinata, The Five Kage annoyed me because of super Sasuke, and how much potential was wasted with Dark Naruto? It’s a miracle that I kept up with this series as long as I did.

Hell, so far, there are only two arcs that I’ve actually liked (Hidan and Kakuzu and the Hunt for Itachi). And I utterly hate the first volume, so would I have even continued the series if I had started with volume 1? Honestly? No.

But now, even though the series is coming to its end, I’ve decided to give it up. I’m tired of it. The series has, honestly, been going downhill for years now. But, I’m not going to be continuing on from here on out.

Taking a step back from Naruto and exploring manga as a whole, I seriously think that I’m falling out of love with the whole genre. I couldn’t get into Blue Exorcist volume 4, Card Captor Sakura was decent, I didn’t care for X, I’ve dropped Bleach months ago, etc. The only series I really care about anymore is Fairy Tail.

So, I’m pretty much done with manga. I may come back to it later, though. But I wonder, is there something to the idea that some of these long series could benefit from creative team changes?

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