MonkeyBrain Comics (Redux) and Creator Owned Comics

I want to take another look at MonkeyBrain Comics outside of the controversy surrounding Roberson’s exit from DC Comics. Now, I haven’t been able to find out much more about MonkeyBrain than I did when I last posted. So, expect a third post to come when the press release hits next week.

As I said in my last post, I hope this venture is a success. I really hope so. I hope MonkeyBrain Comics will join the other creator owned comics publishers as a home for creators who wish to own their own work.

But, I can’t help the niggling doubts I have. MonkeyBrain Books hasn’t published since 2010 (and that a single anthology). What happened to MonkyBrain Books? Did it go on hiatus? Is it, perhaps, being retooled into MonkeyBrain Comics? Will it be relaunched? Given new life?

And will whatever happened to MonkeyBrain Books happen to MonkeyBrain Comics after a few years? I hope my fears are for naught and MonkeyBrain is a great success.

I agree with Joey Esposito of IGN Comics that more independent and creator owned publishers are needed in the comics industry. Check out the recent IGN Assemble podcast for his arguments for more independent and creator owned publishers.

Now, I do fault myself for being a bit of a DC fanboy. I need to read and buy more independent and creator owned titles. And that, I think, is another pledge I’m making- to take the time and effort to seek out creator owned comics (and maybe promote my local comics shops, too). Maybe something like the Russ Pledge is in order to bring attention to comics that aren’t published by Marvel and DC.

With the emergent success of The Walking Dead not only in the trades but also (apparently) in the individual issue releases, is this a sign that maybe, just maybe, creator owned comics are finally standing up to the comics superpowers? I hope so.

At the end of it all, will comics other than Marvel and DC’s superheroes be as successful? Only time, patience, and diligence will tell.

But for me as someone who wants to write comics, I am keenly interested in and hopeful for the future of creator owned publishers. Right now, my goal is not to write comics for DC or Marvel, but to write the comics that I created and own.



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