X-Games, Bond, Conan, Fantasy, and Comics

I’ve been enjoying the X-Games this year. I was first introduced to the event a few years ago when my brother got me to watch a skateboarding event. I was intrigued and wanted to watch more, which led me to the X-Games. And I’ve watched every year since.

I’m not the kind of person one would think of enjoying sports, especially sports featured making up the X-Games. And there was a time I didn’t like sports. I mean really did not like sports. Yeah, I may catch the occasional UT football game and I always caught some of the Olympics. But I routinely tried to avoid having to watch the NFL or other major sports. That changed around the time I started watching the X-Games.  Now, I do watch and enjoy sporting events of many kinds.

Now, this brings me back to the X-Games. While I’ve enjoyed the games, I’ve been frustrated with the coverage of the events. ESPN has, in my opinion, done a pretty bad job of advertising when events take place, where they take place, etc. Yes, one can find the information on the website. But, that information should also be easily available on television as well. Who is going to take the time to go surf the net while watching?

Needless to say, my viewing pleasure has been tempered by these scheduling issues (I know, there are quite a few events going on this weekend). I don’t mean to single out ESPN. Last week, there was supposed to be Dew Tour coverage on my local NBC affiliate. Instead, both days were  infomercials. I was, understandably, very annoyed by this. And there have been other instances of skate, BMX, etc. events being preempted or on the wrong channel.

But the X-Games themselves have been a blast.

Moving on, this is a potpourri post day, after all.

I’ve set it in mind to reread all of the James Bond novels written by Ian Fleming. Hopefully, I won’t get too bored somewhere in there and decide to drop it. Will I do some kind of post series on it? I don’t know. Wait and see.

I’m also going to give reading all of the Conan stories by Robert E. Howard a shot. Don’t expect a post series on these. Instead,  look to Al Harron’s excellent blog The Blog that Time Forgot for his series “80 Years of Conan.” His multi part essay on “The Phoenix on the Sword” is an excellent read and you really should check it out at http://www.theblogthattimeforgot.com for more.

Next week, I’m aiming at having another go at writing a satisfactory post detailing my thoughts on fantasy and writing. And my own goals for both.

After a comics run (or two), I’m planning on doing a grand review, analysis, etc. of the comics I’ve decided to follow. So, that one should be fun.


I’m also thinking of redecorating the blog. I’ve had this design for about a year now, and I think it’s time for a change. I also want to add more categories, revisit some old posts, and, perhaps, look into providing images and other visuals. But, I want to give these proposed changes more thought before I implement them. Maybe even set up a poll.

Anyway, that’s it for now.


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  1. David Unavailable

    I really love to do wrestling because it is a great sport and you can also use it as a workout. Wrestling has been my sport ever since college. .;:”,

    Yours trully

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