What Does MonkeyBrain Comics Taste Like?

I like the concept of MonkeyBrain Comics. But the initial offering of titles leaves me seriously underwhelmed. So, what do I think about this new venture now that more information has been released?

Right now, MonkeyBrain Comics looks more like a comics cooperative among friends than a comics publisher. From my understanding, the creators attached to the imprint are all friends of Roberson’s. This raises the obvious question: when will outside submissions be open and what form will the submissions process take?

That said, the contracts seem to be extremely generous. As MBC is currently a digital only publisher, the only rights possessed by MBC are digital. The creators can sell print rights to other publishers, they own the movie option, etc. Even better, MBC only takes a small percentage to cover marketing costs. Everything else goes to the creator(s).

With this publishing model, it is highly unlikely that MBC will itself break into print publishing. Rather, MBC will publish digital copies through Comixology ($.99- 1.99) and other publishers will handle print issues and trades. Unless Roberson’s own work sells extremely well, that is.

But what about the product? Well, I’m not too impressed with the offerings thus far. Bandette sounds somewhat interesting, but the preview left me cold. The art on Aesop’s Ark is damn lovely, but I have no interest in reading Fables: Noah’s Ark. And the other titles? Bleh. Maybe their Comic Con panel will have better offerings?

Will MonkeyBrain Comics be a success? I hope so. The comics industry needs to grow beyond just superheroes and Marvel/ DC. Unfortunately, I can’t say in good conscience that I’m as impressed as some of the comics news sites are with this. Would I buy any of the titles on offer now? No, they simply don’t interest me enough. Now, that sentiment will obviously change once they have titles I’m interested in purchasing. While I’m a supporter  of creator owned titles, I’m not about to mindlessly waste money (and time) on purchasing titles that I’m not interested in.


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