Two Reviews: Comic Store Heroes and Market Warriors

Comic Store Heroes

Comic Store Heroes (National Geographic) follows the daily operation of Midtown Comics in New York. The show seems to be an answer to AMC’s Comic Book Men starring Kevin Smith.

The primary difference between the shows is the emphasis on actual store operations rather than the “wacky” stunts featured on CBM. Mind you, I haven’t seen much of CBM as I typically watched Shameless on TIVO (damn scheduling).

What I can say about CSH is that it is highly enjoyable and interesting. I like watching what goes into operating the largest comic shop in the country.

The one flaw in the show, I think, is that there is too much going on. Apart from the two primary narratives (the hunt for Hot Stuff #1 and getting Frank Miller for the booth at NYCC) there are a few segments focused on regular customers (Jill Pantozzi, Chris Notarile, and others).

This style of narrative is often confusing and inhibits getting a better handle on the individual people involved.  As it is, what the audience is given are just snippets. I want more depth.

Hopefully, Comic Store Heroes is picked up for series.

Market Warriors 

I love this new show from the producers of Antiques RoadshowMarket Warriors is rather similar in concept to the British television series called Bargain Hunt. The main difference is that instead of two teams of “players” guided by an expert, the competitors are four experts.

I found the competitors interesting and funny. The way each one approaches the various challenges is unique and interesting.

And the vendors featured at the flea market are equally as interesting. Of especial note is the lady with the hat stall (that hat is a trip!) and the man with the glass stall.

I don’t know if I have anything negative to say, honestly. Maybe the auction section?

Regardless, my Mondays at 8 are now occupied with this wonderful show.


One Last Thing Before I Go:

Here are some of the other blog posts I have a mind to work on this week:

A review of The Dark Knight Rises– after almost seven years, I’m finally going back to the movie theater!

Some blathering about writing and fantasy. More a rant on “advice” and how to deal with it.

I also have a rant on art on television that wants to get out.

And, some more thoughts on comic books.


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