Catwoman in Need of a Reboot

I have been a fan of Catwoman for almost twenty years. I remember Catwoman as one of only two series I subscribed to during the nineties. Now, I do admit that I haven’t kept up with the series or the various successor series after my subscription lapsed. But my fondness for the old series makes this rant review all the harder to write.

The New 52 has not been kind to Selina Kyle. The new Catwoman series (first twelve issues by Winick and March and following issues by Nocenti [I don’t know if the artist is changing]) is simply terrible. I made it about two and a half issues in before I could take no more.

Why? I cannot stand Catwoman’s new personality. To me, Selina Kyle should be cool, confident, and prepared. She is the best damn cat burglar in the world. She should be capable of going toe to toe with Batman on an intellectual level.   She is Irene Adler to his Sherlock Holmes.

This new take on Catwoman makes her look like a downright fool much of the time. Seriously, she doesn’t know why that Bone guy is after her? She’s that clueless? Don’t get me wrong, there are moments where Selina Kyle does show some signs of actually thinking through her crimes. But those moments are few, far between, and negated by her addiction to danger.

Keeping in mind I couldn’t take it anymore after the midway point of the third issue, the plot seemed scattershot with no center. Maybe the point of the arc is more an exploration of this new Catwoman’s personality. Selina Kyle is a danger addict with a strong death wish which I cannot stand.

In the end, this is just bad. I certainly won’t be following this series. (And I’ll have to email my local library to ask them why they picked this book up)

So, is there any hope for the future? I don’t know. Given the freshness of the reboot and the early take on Selina’s personality, I do not hold out much hope that any succeeding writers can do much to salvage Catwoman. And Ann Nocenti’s interview with Comic Vine seriously leaves me with trepidation. I’m hoping I’m wrong, but I have the feeling that the series will be in steady decline for some time. Will it turn around? I don’t know. I hope so, but I fear.


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  1. You are not the first blogger complaining about the New 52 version of Catwoman ( If you read my comment to that post, you’ll understand why miss Nocenti won’t make Catwoman better, in my opinion.
    “I remember Catwoman as one of only two series I subscribed to during the nineties”: which was the other one?

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