Some of the Things that Tick Me Off: A Potpourri Rant

Sometimes, being a Texan is embarrassing. I mean seriously, there will be armed rebellion in Lubbock if Obama is reelected? Of course, given that Gov. Perry has oft talked about secession among other blathering, I really shouldn’t be surprised.

Why is it that the best place to go for news is either BBC World, Al Jazeera English, or the PBS Newshour? I am so sick and tired of all politics all the time. I am frustrated beyond belief by commentary. And do not get me started on the woeful lack of international coverage.

Speaking of PBS, why are there so few series aimed at kids 6-12. And none for teenagers? Seriously, I would love to see an educational teen oriented show. Of course, the ratings would likely tank. But for PBS, should the ratings really matter?

And staying on PBS, why can’t they be bold again. Take risks with their programming. So what if Congressperson X disapproves?

Moving over to PBS’s supposed cable competition, why the hell have practically all of edutainment become little more than crap? I want more education and less ghoulish reality tv. Or faked reality tv for that matter.

Okay, I’m done with TV for now. On to comics.

Curses DC, I want to finish the opening arc of Earth 2 not read an inserted 0 issue. Damn it, now I have to wait another whole month. Guess it was good I got Earth 2 #4 so late.

Sticking with comic books, I’m starting to get frustrated with the various comics related podcasts I listen to. I get that most readers could give two cents about how comic books are made, but I care. I want to listen (and read) about the process of making a comic.

And don’t get me started on DCUO. . .


Okay, I think I’m done with my collection of mini rants. To be honest, I could probably expand each one out. But I don’t have the energy. And I’ve already got way too many rants in a row as it is. I want to write some positive posts, darn it!

Anyway, I’ll try to have a few more posts up over the course of the week. I need to go back over this one post about LGBT characters in SF so I can do a proper reaction post. And I do want to work through some of my thoughts on wanting to write comics and on writing comics.




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