Podcasting the Craft

Most of the podcasts I listen to have become unsatisfying recently. In large measure, I think I’m wanting more from those podcasts. The question is, of course, why?

I’m the kind of geek who, well, geeks out on learning about the craft of things.

What I mean is podcasts that go beyond just news and opinion (and often fairly stupid at that). The podcasts that look at how a creator (or team of creators) produces their art.

Take, for example, Decompressed by Keiron Gillen. It is a very recent podcast that looks at how (mostly Marvel) comic books are brought into being. The James Asmus episode is amazing, the Kelly Sue Deconnick episode is great, and the Marvel Method Special is highly informative and entertaining. That is what I want more of.

Now, most of the comic book podcasts I listen to don’t do this, even if they include the occasional creator interview. Sometimes there may be hints, but more often than not the interviews serve as teasers for what is upcoming in the creator’s various works.

The less said about manga and anime podcasts, the better.

Part of what brings this subject up for me is a conversation I had with my brother last night. I was finishing up with the Marvel Method episode of Decompressed when I asked him if he knew of any video game craft podcasts.

Now, his answer was an expected no. But, to be honest, I would find a podcast that looks at how video games go from concept to finished product extremely interesting.

While I personally am not interested in writing for video games, I am still interested in how they are conceived, written, and produced.

So, as I end this blog post, my question is: are there any podcasts that focus on the craft of their subject rather than previews, news, opinion, and funny (or stupid) tangents?


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