A Worthy Successor to the Neighborhood

I’ve been sick with a cold this week, so I decided against posting anything until I started feeling better. Today is the first day I’ve really felt up to writing a post, though not a very long one.

My niece has recently fallen in love with the new PBS series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. The series is a successor to the iconic Mister Rogers’s Neighborhood created by Angela Santomero (the creator of the equally awesome Super Why!). Personally, I find Daniel Tiger to be a worthy successor.

Daniel Tiger is set in the Neighborhood of Makebelive and follows the adventures of Daniel Tiger, the son of the original Daniel Tiger from MRN. Many of his friends are equally legacy characters, the children of the residents appearing in the original series.

What strikes me most about this series is how the heart and feelings evoked by Fred Rogers is translated to fit more contemporary trends in children’s educational programming.

Each episode is composed of two standalone segments with a common theme. Between the two segments, there is a brief live action field trip that relates to one of the segments.

I’ve seen two episodes and have enjoyed both immensely. And my niece? She was completely enthralled for most of both episodes. Which is saying something for her.

So, if you having feelings of nostalgia for MRN or are looking for a delightful new children’s show, why not give Daniel Tiger a look?




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