At Last, Let’s Talk about Politics

I’ve struggled to figure out how I wanted to approach this post for the past two weeks. To say I’m despondent over America’s political climate is a gross understatement. Over the course of my life, politics have only gotten uglier and uglier. And increasingly destructive.

I used to be a political junkie. But over the past few years, I’ve just become sick of the theater. No politician tells the truth. No politician has any solutions. And if they did, well. . .

Now, that’s not to say that there are not voices out there speaking against what is going on. Voices like Amy Goodman and Dan Carlin among others. But those voices are marginalized and their messages simply ignored.

The problem, or at least a part of it, is ideology. While ideology can form a useful structure for one’s beliefs, it can also create an inescapable prison. When ideology trumps facts and solutions, we have a problem. And it’s ideology.

I’ve been listening to a podcast from Common Sense (Dan Carlin) from a few weeks back. He shows in a little less than an hour how Globalization has failed miserably for America and practically everyone else. But does any one see any moves to mitigate or reverse the destruction wrought? No. Why? Because the ideologies of both the Republicans and Democrats are predicated on the belief that it does work (at least for their paymasters).

To keep with Carlin, both parties talk about jobs, but those jobs are going to be low wage. Good jobs, jobs in which one could conceivably live quite comfortably off of well into retirement, are a thing of the past. They’re not coming back. Unless there is a major course correction (which neither party will perform).

Now, let’s shift to a subject near and dear to my heart: Education. I am truly despondent over educational policy. Largely because whoever claims to be an expert on education reform is, I suspect, either an idiot or a fraud. The educational problem in America today is not the fault of teachers. Teachers are just very convenient scapegoats. The true culprit is the community as a whole.

Poverty, parental neglect, disengagement, a lack of hope, and distraction all play roles in why our educational system seems to be failing. Add into that repeated cuts to educational budgets and it is no surprise that the situation looks as bad as it does.

Now, I’m getting angry. And I haven’t even started on the voter i.d./ suppression laws yet. Is it just me or is the U.S. becoming more undemocratic by the week?

I know I should vote and participate. But do I truly have any choices in who to vote for?


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