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I’ve been thinking about what I want to be as writer. Do I want to write the same basic narrative over and over again? Or do I want to push myself and experiment outside of my comfort zone? And where do I want to go with it?

My answer is firmly in the later camp. My current work in progress can best be described as an apocalyptic- steampunk-southern gothic mashup. After that I want to tackle a heavily fantastic planetary romance. And after that? Maybe an anthropological fantasy crossover?

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I’m struggling over whether I just want to stick with novels (which would arguably be the easier route) or work in both novels and comics (perhaps a harder route but also more fun). Honestly, I haven’t decided yet which way I want to go (and hopefully this post will help push me in a direction).

For fun, I wrote a comic book script. To be honest, I really enjoyed that. And there is something about comic books (and manga) that irresistibly draws me creatively to those genres.

The truth is that I want to write a comic book series or two (or more). Despite all of the difficulties involved, I still want to write comics.

But, and here is the big but, I don’t want to write for Marvel or DC. While I have rediscovered my love for superhero comics, I don’t want to write them. Too much of a Scorpio for that, I think. I want to write my own stories that I (and the art team) control.

Let’s forget briefly that I want to write comics and explore why writing a large novel or series of novels will not work.

The omnibus idea I mentioned a while back was an attempted out. My intention was to collect a certain amount of material (perhaps say three novels and some shorter pieces) and release it all at once. The more I look at this idea, the more I think it’s stupid. Seriously, it can’t work.

I’ve also played with the idea of a novel series. But even that doesn’t come close to working for me. I want the feeling of an actual serial not individual standalones that may refer back to each other or those bloated monstrosities.

And that is, I think, part of why I want any long running series idea I have to be a comic book series rather than something like A Song of Ice and Fire. I don’t want to write something like that. With a comic book, I could focus on several projects at once rather than devoting myself solely to a single project for who knows how long.

I’ve already pledged to myself that if I ever write an epic fantasy in novel form, it will be no larger than The Lord of the Rings. Beyond that, I’ll have to get out my authorial Vorlon planetkiller.

But I can, and want, to do several long term comic book series. Including an epic fantasy.

This brings me back to thinking about manga. I’ve been on a bit of a manga break over the past few months. The siren song, however, is starting to get louder. So, I’ll have to indulge in some reading soon.

Thing is, I would love for some of my ideas to be manga (heck, my favored idea positively screams occasionally for it). Unfortunately, that ain’t happening for the foreseeable future (if ever). The main thing is that I want the serialized nature of comic books (and manga). And the more manga influenced American comics don’t really have that due to the fact that the manga market in America is almost exclusively in collected form rather than serialized (excepting scanlations).

All of that does not mean that I cannot be heavily influenced my manga. I’ll just have to condense everything to fit 24-32 pages a month!

Damn, pantsing blog posts can be very therapeutic. But hell, it did push me in a direction. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say on this topic (for now at least). But if you have any comments, please do so.

Anyway, here is a brief look at what I hope to have for next week:

Part two of my myth series where I review The Implied Spider.

A review of Chris Colfer’s The Wishing Spell.

And maybe a few things I haven’t thought of yet.


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  1. Good luck, I know what it feels like to juggle drawing and writing at the same time. Both are time consuming so sometimes you have to pick one or the other.

    Keep smiling,

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