31 Days of Post, Day 1: Introductions

I’ve never posted every day for a whole month before. And yesterday, I got to thinking that it might be fun to try and post something every day in October. Of course, this first post is just an introduction and announcement of what I’m aiming to do.

So, what posts can you be expecting? Well, I’ve got that book review for Chris Colfer’s The Wishing Spell planned. It may take me awhile, though. I’ve got about 300 more pages to go with that. There are also a few spin off posts that I want to work on. The big one will be my thoughts on crossover or journey between worlds fantasy. And I may expound on my thoughts about children’s literature (and YA, too).

There is the rant I mentioned a week or so ago. But my passion for it has died down. I also have a desire not to stick my foot in my mouth since I really don’t watch scripted television anyway.

I’m also likely to announce that I’m getting back into Naruto and manga in general. Plus, I’ll probably rage at instances of  censorship for English language translations. I mean, seriously, why is Sasuke and Sai silhouetted instead of being depicted as in the Japanese original?

Keeping with comics and manga, expect a good amount of posting on those topics. Both in terms of writing and reviews.

Expect some posts on writing. Okay, expect a lot of posts on writing.

Hell, I may even wax political, personal, and athletic at some points, who knows?

I have no set plans or outlines of what I’m going to write about, so expect the unexpected some days.

That’s it for today, until tomorrow.


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