31 Days of Post Day 4: Classic Horror

Every year, TCM airs a block of classic horror films once a week to coincide with Halloween. Last night was the first night for this year. Compared to last year, I’m not as impressed with the opening selection. But I don’t want to write about whether The Mystery of the Wax Museum or Doctor X are worse than Frankenstein or The Wolf Man. Rather, I want to discuss what these films of classic horror mean to me.

I haven’t always been into horror. And when I have, it has tended more towards old school horror rather than the crap that passes for horror today. I honestly detest gorn and torture porn. Likely another reason why I’m not so fond of grim dark fantasy.

Anyway, I didn’t have the time to watch all of the films on offer. But I’m looking forward to finally seeing Night of the Living Dead and a few other films. Among them are the original version of 13 GhostsWhite Zombie, The House on Haunted Hill,  and The Devil Rides Out (why the hell they changed it to The Devil’s Bride I don’t know).

What I especially like about TCM’s airings of classic horror is that they give really interesting introductions to many of them.

Will I like all that I watch? Probably not. But I know what I’ll be doing every Wed. night in October.


I think I have a plan of what I want to post about for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow, look for a post on journey between world fantasy.

Saturday, I’m planning on doing a post on creator owned comics.

Until tomorrow.


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