31 Days of Post Day 11: On Creator Owned Comics

First of all, let me just say this. If you have not read Phonogram vol 1: Rue Brittania by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, do it now! That book is awesome. Awesome I tell you!

I wish I had more creator owned titles in my collection. Thanks to my brother, I have the first three issues of The Secret ServiceEpic Kill, and the first issue of No Place Like Home. And I have an issue of American Vampire.

I know the amount of titles on that list sucks. I seriously want to read more creator owned series. I want to check out Danger ClubPoint of ImpactHarvestTransfusion, Scalped, Sweet Tooth, Morning Glories, etc. And I should make an emphasis to do so.

Now, how will I know if any of those series are for me? Well, obviously buy an issue. I already know that I’m no fan of The Secret Serivce. I did like Epic Kill 1 so I may look to continue with that.

Is the problem the amount of titles I want from the twin behemoths? Not really. I’m only really interested in Earth 2 and Wonder Woman. And Marvel has Captain Marvel and come January Young Avengers (though I may check out Uncanny Avengers as well).

So, I guess the next time I’m at the comic shop, I’ll make it a mission of mine to pick up one or two creator owned titles. And hope that I like them.

And to close out as I started, if you haven’t read the first two volumes of Sweet Tooth, do so. It’s fantastic. Thank goodness my local library carries them!


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