31 Days of Post Day 12: 13 and Thirteen (Ghosts)

So, last night I finally watched the original 13 Ghosts from 1960. Man, I did not expect that film to be so different from the 2001 remake Thirteen Ghosts. So, which one do I prefer?

I don’t know. I like both films although each one has its flaws.

I like the original’s plot but think the ghosts are dreadfully underused.

I like the remake’s over all design and aesthetic but the plot is a hot mess.

I like that the original’s villain is clear from the beginning and the revelation that the supposed villain saves his young nephew.

I like that the remake’s villain is more interesting, and I love that house.

So, I guess I like and dislike the two movies about equally.

So, what are the differences? Well, the family name is changed. Cyrus is the father in the original and the uncle in the remake, and Arthur is the young son in the original and the father in the remake (with Kathy replacing Medea and Billy replacing Buck/ Arthur).

The huge difference between the two movies is the role and plan of the villain. In the original, the main antagonist is the lawyer, Ben Rush. It is strongly implied that Rush had been stealing from his client and later murdered him to gain his money. Later, when Buck finds the money, Ben attempts to murder him to keep him quiet.

In the remake, Cyrus is your standard evil sorcerer/ mad scientist who seeks ultimate knowledge using thirteen ghosts to power a demonic magitek machine.

This does leave a question open, though. What the hell was Plato Zorba wanting with eleven ghosts in the original?

That said, neither film is really all that scary. Thirteen Ghosts is a little heavy on the gorn, but not overly reliant on it. And 13 Ghosts is somewhat funny.

That’s it for today. Don’t know what I’ll write about this weekend, so until then.



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