31 Days of Post Day 18: Hammer Horror Trio

Last night, TCM aired a marathon of Hammer horror films. Of the films aired, I managed to watch three before bed (and I recorded the rest). I enjoyed all of the films. I did prefer the first two to the third one. But they were all pretty enjoyable.

I’m new to Hammer’s horror films. The first one that I am sure I watched is The Devil Rides Out (not The Devil’s Bride!). I really enjoyed that film and I’ve enjoyed the subsequent horror movies from Hammer that TCM has aired.

The first film aired last night was The Horror of Dracula. I’ve seen this film twice (last year and this year). And each time I enjoyed it. Cushing is awesome as Van Helsing and Lee is sexily wicked as Dracula. I especially like how the characters are changed up to create a rather new plot (Harker as a vampire hunter, etc.) A very interesting take, I think.

I like the usage of technicolor in this film. The scene of Dracula’s death is just awesome.

Now, this film does have some flaws. The background story could be fleshed out more. And where the hell is the story set? Near Castle Dracula or in England? Is Castle Dracula in England?

The Curse of Frankenstein has a better realized backstory. And, of course, Cushing and Lee are excellent in this movie as well.

Comparing this movie to Universal’s Frankenstein, I have to prefer this version. I like the makeup job for Lee’s monster compared to Karloff’s. And I love the fact that the Baron does not escape justice in this film.

The only film from last night that I was not overly fond of was The Mummy. Comparing this version to the original and to the 1999 remake, I have to prefer the former and later films.

My issues with this film is multiple. I do not enjoy the usage of brown face in this movie, for one. Honestly, it looks rather fake.

I am also not digging the sets. Especially the Egyptian scenes which do look rather fake. The scenes set in England looks more believable, but not by much.

Another issue is the overall plot. I’m more a fan of the Mummy being like a dark sorcerer priest (like in the original and 1999) rather than just a mute monster.

And, I’m honestly not very fond of the usage of history. Could they not have tried to get ancient Egypt right? Or at least partially righter than they depicted it?

That’s it for today. Tomorrow, look for my National Coming Out Day makeup post. Later.


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