31 Days of Posts Day 19: On Being a Gay Geek

What does it mean to be a gay geek? I don’t know, though I am one. I think that is because every one is different. Being a gay geek may mean one thing for me, and being a gay geek may mean something else for another person. So, what does being a gay geek mean to me?

Fun. I love being a geek. And I love being gay. It is who I am. Simple as that. And I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I love comic books. I love science fiction and fantasy. I love video games (though I suck at playing them).

As I explored in my post on sword and sorcery, I tend to direct my interest, my fandom in ways quite different than most fans.

Take He-Man and She-Ra for example. I’ve always identified with Evil-Lyn and Shadow Weaver in ways many other gay men have identified with Judy Garland.

And He-Man himself is fine, though too muscular for me.

I’ve posted some on my interest in adding LGBT characters and themes in speculative fiction, comics, and video games. And in the past few years, the progress has been phenomenal.

But we are far from where, ideally, I think we should be. It is nice that DC approached Alan Scott’s coming out/ kiss so nonchalantly. The ideal, I think, is when the fandom (and the coverage) have the same nonchalance. We’re not there yet, but hopefully the day will come.

This does bring up how these characters (new and old) are handled. I don’t know the context of a Phil Jimenez interview where he criticized the usage of relationships with LGBT characters.

I guess Jimenez’s  issue is that by partnering LGBT characters they are made less threatening. In a way, I agree with him. I like the fact that Wiccan and Hulkling are a couple. But aren’t they a little boring? And given that Alan Scott seems to have lost Sam, is he not effectively out of the dating pool for a good while?

It depends, I suppose, how exactly one likes their representation/ characterization/ usage. I’m in favor of a more in your face philosophy. Like the scene where Congorilla catches Starman in bed and comments on his partner’s appearance. Something like that.

I get that “Klaineing” is less threatening, but it is also so much more boring.

That’s just me, though.

Strangely enough, I’m not as fond of specifically LBGT genre work. As I’ve said, Dryland’s End is one of the worse piles of textual dung I’ve ever read. And Kirith Kirin is not much better. Although I love Grimsley’s Dream Boy, I can’t say much for his speculative work.

And don’t get me started on Class Comics. Nice art (occasionally) but bad writing (usually).

Yes, I admit that I am not immune to male eyecandy/ fanservice. I first got into Fairy Tail because of Mashima’s usage of Gray (and other male characters), remember? Maybe I’ll post about this one day in more depth.

I think next year I’ll try to keep the commitment to post something on National Coming Out Day. Whether it is this or a new post I don’t know. Time will tell. But that’s it for today.


I’ll have a post up tomorrow talking about what I like to call “the Octavia Butler Moment.”

And I finally bit the bullet and watched an episode of Glee. Acting, thumbs up. The writing? Oh my, so much that drives me bonkers in annoyance.



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  1. Hi,
    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. My name is Kate and I’m working to help cast season three of AMC’s runaway hit Comic Book Men, produced by Kevin Smith. I was reaching out in the hopes you could blast, post or otherwise help us spread the word!

    We’re casting for a few more weeks and would love to find people who are looking for some TV experience and would like to buy or sell any of their fun, valuable or unique items from comic books or pop culture at Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Shop in Red Bank, NJ!

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    Kate Corcoran
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    • Kate,
      I wrote a quick blog post to advertise the fact the show is still casting.
      I’m too shy to apply myself, though.
      Good luck finding interesting people to cast!

  2. That was a very intresting and thoughtful post. Glad I discovered this blog.

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