31 Days of Post Day 20: The Octavia Butler Moment

On the Dune miniseries DVD, one of the special features included a panel featuring Octavia Butler. At one point during the discussion, Butler told a very interesting story about her entry into writing. She recalls reading some science fiction novels (I don’t think that she went into too much depth about them) and realizing that she could do that. And do it better. Hence, the Octavia Butler Moment.

Okay, I guess you could rephrase the moment as the Moment of Inspiration. But the Octavia Butler Moment sounds much cooler, if you ask me.

The Moment can come at any moment. It is one of those random, artistically chaotic instances where connections are made. And boom, inspiration.

Now, is it hubris to not only have the call but to also possess the determination to better the inspiration material? I don’t know. I guess it depends how good the source material is. If it sucks, then it isn’t hubris. And if it’s excellent or great, then maybe it is a little bit hubris.

Have I ever experienced the Octavia Butler Moment? Yeah, I’ve had several Octavia Butler Moments. Hell, anything can give you an OBM.

Clark Ashton Smith’s work has provided an OBM or two. My general interest in steampunk and weird fiction comes from an OBM moment reading China Mieville’s Bas-Lag stories. Wanting to work in comics and manga came about from reading American Vampire and a few of my favorite manga.

Sorry to cut this post short today, but there are a few other things I want to work on. Before I go, I want to ask, have you ever had an Octavia Butler Moment?



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