31 Days of Post Day 23: Zombies- A Rant

Let’s talk about zombies. Over the course of this month, I’ve watched a fair number of zombie centric films. And of course, The Walking Dead. To be honest, I both love and hate zombie films.

I’m not a fan of the modern zombie. I just really dislike the whole pandemic/ whatever it is that causes people to die and become undead cannibals. To be honest, I really don’t like them. But sometimes I like them (like TDW)

Especially when compared to the more traditional zombie. You know, the more magical explanation?

For those of you who don’t know, the original zombie comes out of Haitian folklore. A person dies and is resurrected by a bokor (sorcerer) for some purpose. Usually for slave labor.

I’ve only recently started watching early films featuring the more traditional zombie, and I have enjoyed them immensely more than I have the modern iteration.

Then again, it could be that I just prefer older forms of horror (which feature the traditional zombie). And of course, these films do have sorcerers. . .

Last night, I watched The Plague of Zombies, another excellent example of Hammer horror (and not starring Cushing and Lee).

The movie is about a professor of medicine visiting an old pupil who has a very curious problem. People in a Cornish village are dying of a mysterious illness. The illness is revealed to be the work of a corrupt local squire (and bokor). He uses the zombies he makes to work in the tin mine on his land.

The movie is gorgeous and awesome. Hell, why can’t there be more zombie movies like that today?

Before I’m done posting for the day, I want to refer to my post from yesterday. I’ve come up with an idea. Maybe a comic book series. I obviously will need to do more work on it. But I’ll talk about it more tomorrow.


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