31 Days of Post Day 28: Adios X-Play and Attack of the Show

I will try my hardest to avoid turning this post into my usual rant when television channels begin to decline into the horrors of new directions. I’ve complained about the changes to Bravo (from the near avant garde arty channel to reality crap), A&E ( commercialized PBSesque fare to syndication procedural and reality crap), Discovery (where do I even begin?), and History (I want history not Pawn Stars). Now, I must place G4 on this list.

Why? Why not? Honestly, I should have added them to the list long ago. G4 was at its absolute best when it was dedicated to games and gamer culture. Now, it is little more than repeats of tired old television with little reminiscent of its former glories.

Over the past few years, all that remained of G4’s tech and gamer personality rested in Attack of the Show and X-Play. I loved X-Play. Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb were amazing. And I loved their reviews. But times change.

And now, both shows will be gone with the new year. And with it, what was once G4.

So, what will the new G4 be like? My bet will be something far worse than it is now. Whether or not that worse will be more successful, I don’t know nor care. G4 has been moving increasing in the direction of Spike TV, even as Spike has become more like G4 (okay, only during E3 and some video game award show).

To be honest, I haven’t watched G4 regularly in years. Where a channel is located in the lineup is key. If G4 were easily available (carried as part of a basic or extended package), maybe it would be more successful. I watched it regularly when I had easy access. But now, no.

I’ve been described as a stick in the mud. And occasionally, that description is apt. I don’t care how much more successful Bravo or A&E are now that they are purveyors of cheap crap. I liked them better when they were dedicated to the arts and entertainment. And I miss the G4 that was totally dedicated to gamer and geek culture.

It sucks and I hate ratings. Why must ratings ruin everything?


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