31 Days of Post Day 29: The Art of Comic Books

Thinking about all of the writing I’ve done on comic books, I’ve realized that I have neglected discussions of the art. When it comes to comics, I’ve tended to focus near exclusively on the writing. But the art is as important to a comic book’s success as the writing. Indeed. Great art can cover bad writing. But good writing can’t cover bad art.

So, going forward, I need to try and make a commitment to pay as much attention to the art as I do the writing.

Now, I have been thinking more about the role of art in comic books. Especially with my interest in the process by which comic books are made.

One thing I realized is that the art can inform the feel or personality of a series.

Take for example American Vampire. Rafael Albuquerque’s art style heightens the gothic and horror elements of the writing.

Clearly from that paragraph, I really don’t have the right words to express what I mean. But hopefully, you get the idea (and I’ll try to revisit this topic soon with more depth).

As I think more about art, I realize that there is a large gap in my knowledge that I need to fill. So, I guess I’m off to looking for more art books to expand my knowledge.

And next time, I’ll have a review of Marvel Now! Point One. Here’s a little preview: If “The New World” is anything to go by, Young Avengers is going to be freaking awesome! I mean awesome! That action sequence is amazing! If it weren’t for me missing three issues of Earth 2, I’d hop in a time machine and head to January 23. Damnit, I can’t wait!


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