31 Days of Post Day 30: Marvel Now! Point One Review

For everyone dealing with Hurricane Sandy, my thoughts are with you. Stay safe.

Now, on to the review. Marvel Now! Point One is a oneshot preview featuring six series coming from Marvel over the next few months. I’m going to break this review up into six pieces, focusing on each individual story. I will also approach this in publication order. So let’s begin.

“It’s Art!” by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred (Previewing FF)

Of the six stories, this one has got to be the weakest. The problem is very simple. The theme is horribly distorted by the narrative and the art.

This story features Ant-Man, Scott Lang, launching the first salvo in his revenge against Doctor Doom for the murder of his daughter, Cassie/ Stature.

Now, this could have been an excellent story. But really, defacing a painting of Doom just seems juvenile. Even if it does make sense in context.

Now, I’m not a fan of Mike Allred’s art. It just seems too pop art. I just don’t like it. And it really does not fit in well with the overall theme of the story. And the coloring is equally problematic, in my opinion. Too bright and cheery.

“Crazy Enough” by Dennis Hopeless and Gabriel Hernandez Walta (Previewing Cable and X-Force)

I honestly don’t know about this one. The story really didn’t do anything for me.

The real strength of this particular story is the art.

And the cliffhanger splash page is awesome.

“The New World” by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and Mike Norton (Previewing Young Avengers)

For those who read my post yesterday, you will know that I am freaking loving this entry. The critical consensus (of which I agree) points out this particular story as by far the best of the six.

The writing is amazing. I will admit that I was more interested in Wiccan in Hulkling when the new Young Avengers announcement came out.

But after reading this, I am as psyched for Miss America and Loki. I mean really  psyched. Miss America Chavez has become one of my favorite characters in all of ten pages or so. And Loki, oh, I just love Kid Loki. I need to go out and hunt down Gillen’s Journey into Mystery run. Like right now.

I’ve read this story four times now and I still get flutters of excitement.

The art is amazing. I especially like the action sequence. The violent breakup of the panels when Miss America tries to shove Loki into a hibachi is really amazing. I love that. As I said yesterday, if that is what readers have to look forward to, then I am drooling in anticipation.

The only issue I have is that the subsequent action page is more standard. I would, honestly, have liked to see that panel sequence be as innovative as the former page.

And of course that conclusion with Loki breaking the fourth wall and presenting the Young Avengers flyer.

Damn I am there!

“NYSE” by Nick Spencer and Luke Ross (Previewing Secret Avengers)

This story is, honestly and unfortunately, hampered by being the framing narrative.

Despite that, I actually did enjoy this story.

Nick Fury, Jr. and Agent Coulson are very well drawn and engaging characters. And the subtle interplay between threat and humor is well done.

And I especially enjoyed the art on this one.

But does this one really get me excited for Secret Avengers?

“Diamondhead” by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness (Previewing Nova)

This new Nova is a douche. I just really do not find him a character that I want to read about.

And the fight, though interesting, is a little forced, I think. It’s main purpose is to show that this new Nova is largely inexperienced and obviously not the more noted one.

But it really does nothing for me.

The art is pretty good, but not spectacular.

“‘Guardians of the Galaxy” by Brian Bendis and Steve McNiven (Previewing Guardians of the Galaxy)

I have to say I really liked this story, too. I didn’t expect to, but I did.

This brief origin story of Star Lord is extremely well done and executed. The human moment transitioning into a scifi/ horror moment is just well done. I felt the strangeness and despair that Peter Quill has to be going through. Even as there are no dialogue or captioning in the later pages.

And that cliffhanger, awesome.

The art on this one is rather workmanlike. But okay.

My one issue is the inconsistency between translating and not the alien language.  But that is it.


So, how well do the previews work for me?

Well, clearly I am far more into Young Avengers than any of the others. But let’s focus on the other ones.

Of the remaining five, I would most be interested in checking out Guardians of the Galaxy, Secret AvengersCable and X-ForceNova, and FF. In that order.

In the end, has Marvel Now! Point One been effective in what it set out to do? I would say yes.


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