Two Days of Questions: Independent and New Media Edition

Some time ago, I wrote a post that asked questions without providing answers. Over the next two posts, I will be asking more questions. This time, I intend for these questions to fuel directions for research.

Today, I am going to be focusing on questions I have regarding independent and new media. Things I want to know, but have never asked (or yet found the answer).

Now, I have written several times on self publishing. And I think I should reiterate my current position before I go any further.

I’ve found myself torn when it comes to the prospect of self publishing. On the one hand, I’m a traditionalist at heart. I want the satisfaction that a publisher loves my work enough that they are going to publish it. I want to see my work in bookstores and comic shops. But I also realize that the industry is changing. Publishers no longer really market books, that is now by and large the realm of the writer.

Even though I want to be traditionally published, I recognize that, except in rare cases, talent is no longer allowed to grow. One has perhaps a few books to get it right and then off to the dung heap (or the pen name shop).

Then again, what do I mean by self publish? Well, largely epublishing or web publishing. I’m not really interested in print on demand or producing physical copies on my own. Rather, I like what Matthew David Surridge, Hal Duncan, etc. have all experimented with. Publishing online and trusting to donations (or something like that).

Now that I’ve (largely) set out my position (and concerns) lets get to the questions!

Keeping my nebulous plan in mind, is what I’ve laid out a plausible way of publishing my work?

What are other ways of doing it that would not rely on either traditional publishers or Amazon?

So far, I’ve largely kept my mind on prose fiction, let’s move over to comic books. Can a web series be as professionally done as what is published by the big two, the creator owneds, the smaller publishers, or even MonkeyBrain?

What should I think of Kickstarter? I know that some creators have had success, but what is the general ratio of success to failure?

Further more, and moving into things that I’m not exactly interested in at the moment:

Is it possible to have a webseries be the equal to what one gets on the networks? Or is the financial requirements too much to support? Even with Kickstarter and other funding methods?

What about film?

And finally, are there any constraints to creativity and artistic direction without corporate influence?

I don’t know if I’ll figure out the answers to my questions. I admit that technology isn’t one of my intellectual strengths. But the important thing is to look anyway, even if I’m not sure what I’m looking for.

The journey of discovery is the important thing, after all.


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