Curses! Now I Have More Questions!

I hate it when this happens. Oh, well, so I was struck by more questions this morning and afternoon.

One, are most American manga style comics shojo? To my knowledge, I’ve only ever encountered one shonen (Jason Thompson’s King of RPGs). Are there any others? I would like to know.

The reason why I ask is while I’m determined to go with a more traditional American style comic book, I’m still interested in manga style. But I recognize that there is a huge problem.

I want the serialized feeling of a monthly release of new chapters/ issues. But (as far as I can tell) American manga style are almost exclusively in tankobon format (save for web comics). Am I wrong in this assumption?

Two, I’ve been thinking a lot about magic in fantasy lately. And my train of thought has led me to several questions.

Why does magic have to be explained or treated as a science? Why is it that J.K. Rowling is criticized for not being absolutely consistent in her magical rules? Magic is not a science!

And, furthermore, why should I accept the notion that magic should not completely work in the ways intended? That just seems silly, if you want my opinion.

I guess one of the annoying aspects of fantasy being thrown in with science fiction is having science fictional approaches imposed on fantasy. Oh well.

Three, we come to a recurrent question I have. How does a writer of many genres determine which genre to utilize?

I was working on one idea (the apocalyptic southern gothic fantasy) as a novel, but it seems to want to be a comic book series (more like miniseries). And I have another idea (the Babylonesque fantasy city intruding onto the U.S.A.) transitioning back to a novel from being a comic book.

Well, I think I’m out of questions for now. Tomorrow, expect a review of Scalped volume one and Morning Glories volume one. Until then. . .


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